Hajar Ouhammou Otero

Workplace Impact of Cultural Inclusion in Decision Making

The purpose of this dissertation was to provide an argument for the importance of cultural diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the 21st century workforce. The process includes mechanisms that provided an insight on the operational effects observed in a company’s productivity, growth, and economic impact if they lacked D&I . Lastly, I sought to provide suggestions on best practices to alleviate the hurdles in implementing initiatives to increase cultural diversity and inclusion in the workplace. In my research, I understood that I needed to answer pertinent questions that once explained, will allow me to better understand the dynamics involved in this argument. To that end, my questions below were instrumental in leading me to a path of enlightenment. In my work, I was led and sometimes provoked by the following questions. Research Question 1: What are the best practices of Inclusion identified by small businesses as effective in the decision making process and profitability? Research Question 2: How can organizations apply effective inclusion initiatives without harming their bottom line? In addition, this study includes the rule of law regarding diversity and inclusion in the US, its applicability and its impact to the economy while seeking to assess the effects and consequences of an abortive implementation of the law. This study brings to light best practices in the inclusion initiatives with the lowest budgets that is beneficial to small businesses. My research can be a tool for small businesses that are thriving in their industry but have reached the maturity level and currently in need innovation to stabilize. When discussing innovation, we are talking about different perspectives, different views, and different outlooks. For a company to be innovative, it cannot only touch on its product or services but also its human resources. As we all know, innovation is costly and could take between 5 to 10 years for a small business to implement its innovation strategies, this is where my research would be a useful tool.
Published on June 10, 2021