This thesis is about the work of social media marketing and how it impacts purchasing
decision, especially in Morocco. My research will be based on an important player in the
retail industry in Morocco Jumia & Hmizate.
The aim of my research is to study the social media marketing tools, strategies, and
effectiveness, also how does the strategies work into real life situation. In the other hand the
main focus was on how it impacts the Moroccan market, and will it affect the purchasing


Modernization has become accessible to all. There is no shortage of food, household appliances, and even less shopping centers … The economy is now based on overproduction of the superfluous and not on needs. Is this a good thing?

Les Enjeux du marketing digital et des tics Dans l’industrie hôtelière marocaine

La mise en œuvre des technologies de l’information et de la communication dans l’environnement des affaires, l’idée se pose de réaliser un projet qui inclut le secteur hôtelier au Maroc. En ce sens, l’étude met en évidence trois aspects très pertinents par rapport au sujet; Tout d’abord, des solutions technologiques de l’information et de la communication sont identifiées, applicables au secteur hôtelier; ensuite, l’utilisation des technologies de l’information et de la communication pour la gestion des ressources est décrite, et plus tard, le niveau de maturité technologique dans la gestion des ressources est précisé.

The role of product innovation in building a costomer base case of P&G

Companies in developed countries, have managed to be innovative by using its R & D resources for
many years. But the because of the changing market conditions and , because the R & D studies are
only produced patents and technology without turning into salable products and services in the
market, the phenomenon of open innovation emerged.

Understanding the underlying drivers for the usage of social media to increase brand awareness in the Consumer Electronics Industry – The Case of LG

Nowadays, marketing and public relations professionals are confronted with a variety of new internet-based communication platforms. These new platforms have shifted the balance of power from the corporate world to the hands of the consumer. Therefore the traditional ways of using media do not apply to these new internet-based communication tools. Bringing forth the need for a new marketing model and accompanying recommendations.

Le Marketing Sonsoriel

Actuellement, avec des marchés saturés, les entreprises doivent trouver des moyens hors du commun pour fournir une valeur ajoutée à leurs offres et se distinguer de leurs concurrents. De cette manière, elles peuvent fidéliser leurs clientèle ; élément essentiel pour la conservation et l’augmentation de leurs part de marché.

Social Presence Marketing

Main motives for this research were to target Brand Recognition online through Social Media Platforms, specifically how immersively effective communication and content are captivating an Audience, possibly driving a Loyal Community.


Social Media have become an important part of so many people’s lives, nowadays it’s very rare to find someone who doesn’t know what Social Media is or that doesn’t work with one or more Social Media platforms.

Social Media has completely changed the game, and it has become very obvious that is very useful and important that it be included in everything in life.

The Use of Social Media as a Marketing Tool in a Real Estate Campany

Businesses turn to social media to increase market share and profits. Many social mediaplatforms provide a unique customer experience between the company and social media. Theanalysis discusses how businesses especially the real estate sector use social media platforms asone of the marketing strategies. When using social media, a company needs to be aware of thesafety concerns of its customers, to the best of their ability, that they are protected. Twoexamples of Facebook “Like” button and YouTube recommendation system show theinformation exchange between social media platforms and businesses. With the comparisonbetween Facebook APIs and Twitter APIs, businesses can know how to send advertising to thetarget customers and get more new customers by using the social media platforms.