This school project is in fact a real project I am carrying since I started on it in January 2013, it is a small business acting as an intermediary and a distributor of solar water heaters, air conditioners and reverse osmosis filters. EFFICIENCY GROUP S.A.R.L.

Effects Of Social Media In New Businesses Of U.S and Morocco

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to broadcast the impact of social media on the determination of the success of new businesses in the U.S. and Morocco.
Methodology: The paper employs two surveys and semi-structured interviews with new businesses of both Morocco and the U.S. The two regions chosen are undeserved as they are economically depressed and are struggling to survive.

Women entrepreneurship In male dominated industries in Morocco

Despite the fact that many women have embarked on entrepreneurship in male
dominated industries, there are no previous researches about this category of women
entrepreneurs in the Moroccan environment. The aim of this paper is to explore the challenges of
the Moroccan entrepreneurship environment for women entrepreneurs operating in male
dominated industries, to understand their best approach as well as the right attitude they adopt
to succeed in their male dominated businesses.