L’accord de libre-échange Maroc-UE : Quels enjeux pour l’économie marocaine ?

Introduction générale La mondialisation croissante de l’économie, à la faveur de la division internationale des processus de production et à l’essor sans précédent de l’innovation technologique, a fait du commerce extérieur un pilier central de la croissance et de la libéralisation commerciale à l’échelle internationale, un choix irréversible.


This research paper aims to study the contribution of business intelligence (BI) to small and
medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and provides a portrait of BI services for small and
medium-sized enterprises. Based on the existing literature, we will try to examine its factual
dimension in Morocco. The main objective is to emphasize from the literature review that BI
plays an important role in the performance of SMEs. We have proposed a conceptual
perspective that allows to understand the concept of BI and SMEs to understand their internal
practices in Moroccan SMEs to improve performance. Controlling information is a major
challenge faced by businesses, especially small and medium-sized businesses. Information is
the decisive key to their differentiation and development, and also the key to their survival in
the fierce environment of national and international competition. In addition, understanding
the internal and external environment is also essential. On the one hand, SMEs must
recognize their strengths and weaknesses and, on the other hand, they must highlight
opportunities and threats. Keywords: business intelligence, information, SMEs, performance.

Workplace Impact of Cultural Inclusion in Decision Making

The purpose of this dissertation was to provide an argument for the importance of cultural diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the 21st century workforce. The process includes mechanisms that provided an insight on the operational effects observed in a company’s productivity, growth, and economic impact if they lacked D&I . Lastly, I sought to provide suggestions on best practices to alleviate the hurdles in implementing initiatives to increase cultural diversity and inclusion in the workplace. In my research, I understood that I needed to answer pertinent questions that once explained, will allow me to better understand the dynamics involved in this argument. To that end, my questions below were instrumental in leading me to a path of enlightenment. In my work, I was led and sometimes provoked by the following questions.
Research Question 1: What are the best practices of Inclusion identified by small businesses as effective in the decision making process and profitability?
Research Question 2: How can organizations apply effective inclusion initiatives without harming their bottom line?
In addition, this study includes the rule of law regarding diversity and inclusion in the US, its applicability and its impact to the economy while seeking to assess the effects and consequences of an abortive implementation of the law. This study brings to light best practices in the inclusion initiatives with the lowest budgets that is beneficial to small businesses.
My research can be a tool for small businesses that are thriving in their industry but have reached the maturity level and currently in need innovation to stabilize. When discussing innovation, we are talking about different perspectives, different views, and different outlooks. For a company to be innovative, it cannot only touch on its product or services but also its human resources.
As we all know, innovation is costly and could take between 5 to 10 years for a small business to implement its innovation strategies, this is where my research would be a useful tool.

Motivational Factors in the Workplace

It is widely known that businesses, regardless of their sector of interest, achieve success thanks to countless factors which work together towards the desired goals of business managers and owners. These factors may include things such as planning, purchasing raw materials, training personnel, marketing and many others. There is no doubt that the way employees act and perform is indispensable and fundamental to businesses’ flourish. The highly skilled, effective and productive they are, the more successful organizations are.

The Utility And The Component Of A Photovoltaic Panels And It’s Business Aspect

The objective of this Thesis is to take care of the sourcing of new photovoltaic projects by responding to the calls for tenders present on the market.
On the other hand, to monitor the projects already in progress, to see their progress, the problems encountered and to seek solutions to these problems.
To do this, an old project was re-examined from the beginning (sizing, encryption). New tenders appeared during the training period we were treated.


The present study on examining the wages system in Morocco and India has been conducted through available literature including online exploration for the various aspects. The results have been synthesized in form of text and tables. The case studies of Morocco and India have been described for the past and current situation, periodic changes occurring employment situation as well as change in wages structure in view of education and capacity of youth. In case of India, historical aspects from early 1900 to till date have been reviewed and presented. The changes over time, trends, increasing population and the rural v/s urban cases have been reviewed and reported for both countries.