E-BANKING IN MOROCCO: A consideration of key variables

The aim of this paper is to analyze some organizational factors, structural and policies that can accelerate or conversely hinder the adoption of this mode of distribution and electronic communications by banks. A closer look is focused on the case of the Moroccan market as a field of study.

Tax Auditing and Tax Risk Management

his paper was written in order to carry out research regarding the audit, taxations that go with it and the management risks that a company has to face.
In order to analyze the practical side of it we will be conducting a research and analysis within a company called SANIEXPO and carrying out a tax audit that will lead us at the end with the firm conclusion that a healthy company can’t properly without a good risk management and the use of the tax audit

Public Housing Satisfaction

This thesis investigates the factors and levels of resident’s satisfaction in the Kingdom of Morocco, we explore the different factors that impact the satisfaction of residents the most, and rank them according to the results obtained from the research. The main aim is to find the most common factors that influence satisfaction, and their effects on residents.

La Gestion du Risque Crédit

Une saine gestion du crédit est une condition essentielle de la stabilité et de la rentabilité d’une caisse, tandis qu’une détérioration de la qualité du crédit est la cause la plus fréquente d’un rendement financier insuffisant. Une gestion prudente du risque de crédit peut réduire le risque opérationnel au minimum tout en assurant un rendement raisonnable.