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Doctorat.us Terms and Conditions

This Agreement provides the terms and conditions of your participation in the digital self publication at Doctorat.us (referred to herein by: d-site or We) and your distribution of digital content through the d-site.

1 Agreement Acceptance. You accept this Agreement and agree to be bound by its terms by either:
(a) clicking agree or accept where you're given the option to do so


(b) by using the d-site, or any part of it.

If you don't accept the terms, you are not entitled to use the doctorat.us website.

2 Agreement Amendment. The Program will change over time and the terms of this Agreement will need to change over time as well. We reserve the right to change the terms of this Agreement at any time in our sole discretion. We will give you notice of the changes by posting new terms in place of the old ones in this same agreement with a revision date indicated at the top.

3 Term and Termination. The term of this Agreement will begin upon your acceptance of it and will continue until it is terminated by us or by you. We are entitled to terminate this Agreement and your access to the d-site account at any time. We will notify you upon termination. You are entitled to terminate at any time by providing us notice of termination in writing, in which event we will cease showing your Digital work within 30 business days from the date you provide us notice of termination.

Additionally, you agree that any work prior to termination that has been previously viewed, downloaded or otherwise legally possessed by our users, is considered public and cannot be rescinded. We may also suspend your account at any time with or without notice to you, for any reason in our discretion.

4 Account Eligibility and Registration. 
Eligibility. You must have an active account in order to publish in the website. You represent that you are at least the legal age of majority and that you are able to form a legally binding contract.

Account Security. You are solely responsible for safeguarding and maintaining the confidentiality of your information and are responsible for all activities that occur under your account and name, whether or not you have authorized the activities. You may not permit any third party to use the website through your account and will not use the account of any third party. You agree to immediately notify us of any unauthorized use of your username, password or account.

5 Digital Distribution Rights. 
Delivery. You must upload the work you wish to publish by filling out a form in the website. We will not return to you any electronic files or content or media you deliver to us even if the work is judged not suitable for publication.
You must deliver all electronic files free and clear of viruses, worms and other potentially harmful or disrupting code.
Digital Rejection. We are entitled to determine what content we accept and publish in our website by our sole discretion. If we request that you provide additional information relating to your Digital dissertation, article or book, such as information confirming that you have all rights required to permit our distribution, you will promptly provide the information requested, and you represent and warrant that any information and documentation you provide to us in response to such a request will be current, complete, and accurate. You authorize us, directly or through third parties, to make any inquiries we consider appropriate to verify your rights to permit our publication of the Digital material and the accuracy of the information or documentation you provide to us with respect to those rights.

Reformatting. We may, in our discretion, reformat your Digital work, and you acknowledge that unintentional errors may occur in the process of reformatting of your Digital work.

Grant of Rights. You grant to each doctorat.us party, throughout the term of this Agreement, a Nonexclusive, irrevocable, right and license to distribute Digital materials, in all digital formats by all digital distribution means available. This right includes, without limitation, the right to:

(a) Reproduce, index and store on one or more computer facilities, and reformat, convert and encode Digital materials;

(b) Display, transmit, and otherwise digitally make available all or any portion of your work to everyone,

(c) Permit d-site visitors to "download" your work and to access and re-download,

(d) Display and distribute your trademarks and logos in the form you provide them to us or within your work (with such modifications as are necessary to optimize their viewing),

6 Warranties and Indemnities. You represent and warrant that:
(a) You have the full right, power and authority to enter into and fully perform this Agreement and will comply with the terms of this Agreement; (b) prior to you or your designee's delivery of any content, you will have obtained all rights that are necessary for the exercise the rights granted under this Agreement; (c) neither the exercise of the rights authorized under this Agreement nor any materials embodied in the content nor its sale or distribution as authorized in this Agreement will violate or infringe upon the intellectual property, proprietary or other rights of any person or entity, including, without limitation, contractual rights, copyrights, trademarks, common law rights, rights of publicity, or privacy, or moral rights, or contain defamatory material or violate any laws or regulations of any jurisdiction; (d) you will ensure that all Digital work delivered comply with the technical delivery specifications provided by us.

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, you will indemnify, defend and hold doctorat.us, its officers, directors, employees, affiliates, subcontractors and assigns harmless from and against any loss, claim, liability, damage, action or cause of action (including reasonable attorneys' fees) that arises from use of our services, any breach of your representations, warranties or obligations set forth in this Agreement. We will be entitled, to participate in the defense and settlement of the claim or action with counsel of our own choosing.

7 Limitation of Liability. The publication on the d-site is provided "as is." we will in no event be liable for any loss of data or other special, incidental, consequential, indirect, exemplary or reliance damages arising from or in relation to this agreement, or for any equitable remedy of disgorgement or otherwise, however caused and regardless of theory of liability.

We strive to make our systems and processes error-free and efficient, but we cannot guarantee that they will be, and we will have no liability arising from system or process failures, interruptions, inaccuracies, errors or latencies.

8 Disputes. Any dispute or claim relating in any way to this Agreement will be resolved by binding arbitration, rather than in court, except that you may assert claims in small claims court if your claims qualify. The United States Federal Arbitration Act and federal arbitration law apply to this Agreement.

9 Eligibility. Because this option is for exclusive content, if you do not control the exclusive rights to your digital work or the primary content in your digital work, you cannot include it in doctorat.us website.

Doctorat.us is mainly a publication site for authors, doctorate candidates, professors, and master students (not limited to), work proposed should be authentic and approved through peer review.

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